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Vermont Intellectual Property Lawyers Protect Your Company’s Assets

Intellectual property attorneys in Rutland serve businesses of all sizes

In the digital age, businesses are more reliant on intellectual property than ever before. And their IP assets have never been at as much risk as they are now. At Ryan Smith & Carbine, Ltd., our intellectual property attorneys assist clients on a number of levels, from negotiating licensing agreements to challenging restrictive patents to litigating various types of infringement. Every business has proprietary IP that provides a competitive edge. We can help you protect those assets to enhance the value of your company today and in the future.

Common intellectual property issues for Vermont businesses

Clients trust Ryan Smith & Carbine to provide all types of intellectual property legal services:

  • Licensing — Businesses create their own IP and use IP from other sources. We help creators get a fair return by licensing art and inventions. We also help businesses in licensing disputes with patent holders.
  • Patent issues — Inventors enjoy significant protections once they have obtained a patent for a design, invention, or covered business method. We draft patent applications for inventors and shepherd their projects through the patent process. We also protect our clients’ patents by litigating infringement lawsuits. In addition, if a business competitor has secured a patent that makes doubtful claims and unfairly restricts competition, we can help by requesting a review of the claims from the U.S. Patent Office.
  • Copyright — Artists legally own the copyright to their works upon creation, but additional steps are often necessary to make copyright easily enforceable. We help creators register works with the U.S. copyright office. We also assist creators in monetizing their creations with licensing agreements. Finally, we litigate alleged infringement of copyrights for plaintiffs and defendants. Often the most appropriate solution to an alleged infringement is a licensing agreement that allows the defendant use of the material, but fairly compensates the creator.
  • Trademark and service mark — Your business trademark is your calling card for your brand. If someone infringes on your mark, you can lose revenue due to the confusion the infringement causes among consumers. To secure your place in the market, we help you establish trademarks and service marks and defend them from infringement.
  • Trade secrets — Businesses are especially vulnerable through the theft of trade secrets. Your trade secret, whether it’s a recipe, an ingredient, a formula, a method of training workers, a client list, a list of suppliers, or your company’s compensation rates, gives your company a competitive edge. If the secret gets out, the value of your business could plummet. We help protect trade secrets by drafting appropriate nondisclosure agreements and aggressively prosecuting trade secret theft. The misappropriation of your trade secrets requires you to take swift action, such as an injunction, to prevent irreparable harm to your business. When harm has already been done, we litigate vigorously to recover the full measure of damages to which you are entitled.

When you trust our Rutland business lawyers to manage your IP issues, we provide reliable advice and robust representation to enhance the value of your business and prevent unnecessary losses.

Contact our knowledgeable IP lawyers to protect your rights today

Ryan Smith & Carbine, Ltd. is a full-service business law firm that provides comprehensive solutions to intellectual property issues for clients throughout the state of Vermont and in eastern New York. To schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated attorneys, call 802-786-1000 or contact our office online.


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